Friday, April 11, 2014

Faithful Friday: "For The One Who Is Tired"

Is this not beautiful?!  Being tired is something each and every one of us can related to.
Whether we are tired of something or tired from something, we are all tired in some way.
Parts of our day we face may make us joyful, while other parts may be worrisome or may
 feel like a heavy load on us as we try to make it through.
But I am thankful for the sweet encouragement of this... 
reminding me that God never asks too much 
from me.  

In my walk with the Lord, I find myself asking Him for strength all the time because I 
am tired.  Being tired can be from feeling tired out from work or school or being sick
 and needing strength, or being mentally drained and needing a break.
But when we are feeling not only like we need a break, but that we ourselves are 
about to break, we should bring to mind the truth that God asks us to be still and that's all.
Sometimes I forget that the Lord doesn't ask that we be strong.  He asks us to rest awhile while He
takes care of things and rejuvenates us.  How comforting that He invites us to
take a rest in his peace and loving embrace.  Nothing better exists to make us feel complete again.

So when you are tired, let God be the rain that fills your empty cup.

Blessings to you!

Happy Friday & may you have a wonderful weekend!

.             .            .

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

After the Storm...

I hope you are having a lovely week so far!

It is sunny and so beautiful here today, but just a couple of days ago we had had our first storm of Spring.  It was a heavy storm with strong winds and pouring rain.  I love those storms as long as they don't get dangerous.  I love sitting inside and hearing them or opening the door and looking out at it and taking in the scent of a fresh rain.  Even better than that, I love when God leaves us a rainbow afterward, like he did this week.
It had been pouring and windy and started to look a little scary and then a few minutes later everything was quiet and still.  The sky was even a strange sort of color after it was over.  We were inside looking out and commenting on how the sky looked, and thankfully I stepped outside to get a better look at it.  I happened to look around the side of the house and saw a glorious double rainbow!  I only wish I could have captured it's true brightness and beauty, and the whole thing.

I love rainbows, for both their beauty and what they represent- God's promise.  I'm thankful I went outside and got to see it and snap a few photos before it really started to fade.

Aren't they amazing!  How many rainbows have you seen at once.... double rainbow, triple rainbow, or more?

Have a blessed evening!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Faithful Friday: Compromise

This says so much.  The relationship we have with the Lord is not as strong as it could be each time we make a compromise in our faith.  I am certainly not anywhere close to perfect and I know that, whether it's allowing yourself to be around people you know deep down you should not be around, or even giving in to anger or being rude to someone because they are rude to you.  Compromises in our faith are made each time we give in or do something we know does not accord with God- sometimes we can talk ourselves into thinking it is okay, but in our heart we know the truth.
Compromises are different for everyone according to what we struggle with, and everyone struggles.  I think it's a wonderful thing to get help in avoiding even thinking about compromising by praying and asking the Lord to give us strength to be true to Him over anything else!  

I love the reminder of this, because I know that each time I overcome a struggle or temptation to compromise- in whatever it may be- I am showing God that my relationship with Him is the core of my life, and that I made the choice to please Him.  Afterall, how unimportant and small any temptation is compared to a beautiful relationship with our Savior!  Compromising is hurting God and why would we want to be a part of that?

Growing up, I have always been told that one of the most wonderful ways to keep our relationship with our God strong and first in our lives is to hate what He hates and love what He loves.  I have grown in this and am so thankful to have the knowledge to make it my goal to live by this, because no compromise comes anywhere close to the sweetness of knowing Jesus.

Blessings to you!!

Wishing y'all a joyful weekend!

.           .           .

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Weekend of Sunshine

Happy first day of April!

It's kind of funny that the word "sunshine" is in the title here, since April is known for being a rainy month.  But there's plenty of sunshine in April, too.  I love the rainy days of Spring, though, and can't wait for them to be here so we can have our beautiful May flowers.

This weekend, though, was so lovely and there was a wonderful coolness to the air most of the time.  More than anything there seemed to be the perfect amount of sunshine.  I got my a paper I had to do out of the way early on, and got to enjoy it and relax.

It was bright and beautiful on Saturday when we worked in our yard.  Our grass has been growing a mile a minute lately and it felt so nice to get outside and take care of that and tend to our garden altogether.  My favorite part is probably watering the garden because it's kind of nostalgic to me and I just love getting splashed with the water hose.  That's how you survive summers in the South ;)
Lucie even likes to get outside with us and enjoy the feeling of the freshly cut, cool grass.  It's such a good feeling to look out on your yard and see it green and Springy and lovely.  And it's different to be older and be a bigger part of that and with helping out.
After our yard is done, it is so nice to open the door so that only the screen is there and
enjoy the breeze inside the house while looking out.
Now that the wildflowers are absolutely everywhere, whenever I am driving or we're all in the car as a family, I just stare out the window at the beauty of all their vibrant colors.  They look so soft, too, like a big carpet that makes me wish I could go lay in them and take a nap.  What a dream.
They are starting to grow in the giant patches they make this time of year and are just glorious.  This weekend we got to get out in the sunshine and enjoy them closer up, and actually go pick a few a little ways behind our house to bring them home to add a simple touch of beauty to our kitchen.  I loved how country they looked when we put them in a Mason Jar.

It may not seem like staying inside the house would let you see much sunshine, but when I sit in front of our big window I get to enjoy so much of it.  I love being in the AC, yet soaking in the bright beautiful light from outside.  I got to work on a new embroidery project I started and can't wait to finish so I can wear it this Spring.  I'm excited to add some details after I get done with the plain parts.
Those are a few small, but lovely parts of this weekend I enjoyed.
How was your weekend!?  Wonderful, I hope!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Faithful Friday: The Hardest Thing

It is another Faithful Friday on a Saturday.  I think I have a couple of those I have written because Friday it seems is always busy, but a wonderful kind of busy :)

I especially like to share things that mean something to me about trusting the Lord.  It makes me so joyful to think about trusting God and improving my trust in Him.  I found this, though, and I think that this says it best when it comes to how we tend to treat God when it comes to trust, which I think is sometimes the single hardest thing to do, to fully let go and let God.  We find it hard to give Him our trust and leave our lives completely in His hands.  We want proof of His goodness or Him working in our lives, while God instead asks us to trust Him first.  And isn't that what trust truly is?... to not need to be shown, but to believe that we will be shown in time.
I may have even shared this exact verse before and how I feel about it.  Writing many Faithful Fridays, I don't remember exactly what I have shared... but I know that, nonetheless, this is something we can benefit from in our walk of faith.  To be reminded of how vital it is to trust God no matter what is such a meaningful thing.  And it isn't like we purposely tell ourselves that we don't want to trust God or that we refuse to... it just seems to be in our nature to be afraid of putting our confidence in what we may not see.  But with God, we do see!  We see everything we need to see to trust Him in the simple fact that we know He is there and that we see He is working in our lives as we speak.

This is important to me and I feel blessed to be reminded of this scripture, because I know that no matter how I try to direct my own life, if I don't trust Him then I will never experience the life He meant for me and come to know Him better.  I know this is something I can always improve on.  It doesn't matter how much I want to trust God- it matters how much I do.  How awakening to think that only through trusting God can we truly know Him as well, not the other way around.


Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

.           .          .

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink & Blue Hydrangea Wreath for Spring!

Happy Thursday!!  How exciting it is almost Friday again.   I think Thursdays are good days especially for the reason that the next day is Friday.

Today I wanted to share something I put together recently for Spring.

Here is our finished wreath!  Hydrangeas are one of the trademark flowers of the South. They are so beautiful and inspired me.
I had more time to make one this season and got to relax and sit down and put it together piece by piece.  It took a little bit of time, but it was worth the joy of making it and seeing it turn out bright and Springy.  I think it's neat to get a picture in your mind of what kind of wreath or garland or decoration might look nice and then create it.  I love getting to do that, and this is probably my favorite wreath I have made so far.

The basis for the wreath is the plain robin-egg blue (what a sweet color!) twig wreath that I used last year.  I just removed the things from last year and put the wreath to use again as a blank canvas for this year!  I enjoyed getting to do a more detailed decoration this year with it.

Everything I used...

-robin-egg color wreath
-canvas & glitter wide ribbon
-silk hydrangea flowers
-hot glue gun
-decorative butterfly

This wreath was very inexpensive to make and imagine all the beautiful variations of flowers you could use.   Altogether, it cost around twelve dollars, including the plain wreath from last year.  Much better (and much more fun!) than going out and buying one for four or five times that :)
The glitter ribbon was a last minute find that I fell in love with!  I stood there trying to decide between three plain burlap ribbons that were slightly different and suddenly I bent down to look again at the ribbon selection and saw the glitter ribbon and made my decision in about one second, haha.

It was very simple to make also... For the flowers, I pulled clusters of two or 3 flowers off one at a time and hot glued them to make larger clusters, eventually forming the 3 sections of pink then blue then pink.  To add some green, I coupled a few sets of leaves and glued them underneath. Then I took my little butterfly and glued it on.  For the bow, I made a simple bow with 4 pieces of ribbon and glued it together alone then onto the wreath.

I had so much fun making this, as I always do when I get to make a seasonal decoration, but especially something for the front door.  I feel like it's exciting to have one little space to decorate that will welcome others and say something about your home right there on the door and you get to sort of design it.

What is your door decor like for Spring?  What type of flowers would you use if you made a wreath?


Happy almost Friday to you!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Faithful Friday: Praying for Others!

When I think of all the things I love so much about prayer and that I am thankful for about the power and gift of prayer, one of my most favorite that I cherish is praying for others.  My heart feels so full and more connected to my family members and friends I pray for, as well as even people I pray for in general that I have never met.  How beautiful it is to lift someone up in prayer, whether it is for their health, their walk in faith, or for whatever they may be facing.  Praying for ourselves is more than welcomed by God and we can know that He even asks us to throw our burdens upon him (Psalms 55:22), but praying for others not only lifts them up in prayer but also shows the compassion and caring qualities of our hearts.
Appreciating praying for others has been on my mind a lot lately.  I savor the times in prayer that I take time to think of anyone I know or don't know whom I can be praying for- those going hungry, being abused or hurt, who are sick, losing loved ones, going through heartache of any kind, struggling with their faith, or feeling discouraged.  Right now, I have been praying hard for someone in my family who is going through treatment for cancer.  She is on my heart and mind everyday and in my prayers.

It is amazing to me that even though I don't get to see her right now or many of the others I mention in prayer, I can show them love through my prayers.  The power of prayer is incredible.  I believe in miracles because of prayer and that God is always listening.  No matter how lost you feel or how hopeless thing may seem, also take heart that others may be lifting you up in prayer this very moment!

I hope you are having a blessed day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

.          .          .

Faithful Fridays are hosted by Joy on her lovely and inspiring blog, Doodlebug.  You can visit her or even link your own Faithful Friday post, here.


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